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Who We Are:

With Lived Experience, founded in 2021, is aimed at helping those with marginalized lived experiences connect with each other and change the systems that impact them. We believe in the Disability Rights Movement rallying cry, “Nothing About Us Without Us,” meaning policy decisions shouldn’t take place without meaningful participation from members of the groups impacted by those policies. Essentially, systems that center authority around those with firsthand accounts will not only be more empathetic, but ultimately will make better decisions in the long run.

How We Do the Work:

We host community forums and trainings that bring people with common lived experience together. We provide support on policy advocacy and grassroots organizing. We also provide coaching on navigating bureaucracies, and career development for those with lived experiences interested in making changes in their communities. 


Get Involved:

We are currently gathering collaborators on our projects.  If you'd like to lead or become a member of a group, please let us know. Send us a message!

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